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Thread: James Intake Seals?

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    For those that have replaced their intake seals with James seals I have a question. There is a lip on the James seals I ordered from DK that fits over the end of the intake, the ones that came off did not have this.

    I am having issues getting the intake to slide fully to the primary side to get the bolts started on the right side. Do I have the correct seals?

    Thanks Ken

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    Did you ever get your seals installed I just bought a set for mine.

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    I installed them on mine a few months ago. It was pretty difficult to get on but a much better seal than the regular seals. It may tak a little wiggling and maybe a beer or two.

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    Old post, but for cabanasjohn, Genuine James gaskets are some of the best. They are the correct ones. Those intake seals are thicker all the way around and have that extra lip for even better sealing. That's what I used on my bike when the intake seals went bad. Yes, they were a pain because of the thickness of the James gaskets, but they seal SOOOO MUCH better!!

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    The ones I ordered had this as well.

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