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Thread: Right side driver footpeg xb9s

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    I need a right side driver footpeg for an xb9sx can anyone help.

    Cheers - Andy

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    LOL, I just purchased a set because I dropped my bike and broke the left side. think I spent @ 30.00 plus shipping. I was going to hang on to it, but it can be yours for 20.00 shipped. I also have a new right side frame puck if you need it, let me know :)

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    rtheiss - thanks that was quick, how do you want payment. Im in the UK were are you, are we talking £ or $

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    I don't need the frame puck but could use a right side indicator if you have one.

    Sorry for the double post

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    I think I have the front indicator, its used, but in good condition, I recently changed the rear and moved the stock rears to the front.

    That would be $$ and paypal is prefered. I didnt realize where you were located, so I dont know how the shipping rates are, I might need a few dollars more, but I wont know until I ship. 15.00 plus actual shipping for the peg?

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    Hi - thats fine, I've sent you an email

    Thanks for your help

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