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Thread: WTB OEM Parts

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    Looking for the following for my 08 XB12XT:

    Hand guards
    Front blinkers
    Lower seat (I have a perfect regular seat if interested)

    I'd be interested in some aftermarket as well...

    Mirrors - bar end
    Comfort kit
    Taller Screen
    What'cha got?

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    Nobody has stock parts for me really?

    If you must know the reason... PO laid down on the left side so the mirror, hand guard, plastic bar end and blinker have scratches on them. I'm kinda anal and its been bothering me.

    I have 2 perfect seats too. I was going to take one of them and try making a lower seat as I'm a little tippy toed with my shorter 31 inseam legs... But I decided to see if anyone here wanted to trade as it seems wasteful to me to potentially ruin a perfectly good seat.

    Lastly, I wanted to get some aftermarket controls, but nothing I found looks like they would work with my '08... It looks like the clutch control is one piece and the descriptions on the fleabay china controls say they are only for '09s... So just wondering if anyone can clue me in.

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    I got turn signals mint pm me

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    Yea I've got some turn signals I'm pretty sure......I'll have to check this week when i get back home....

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    What do '08 mirrors look like? I have stock mirrors from an '03, you could have them for the cost of shipping.

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    08 mirrors are round with a long stem... Mirrors

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    PM'd you jcrosby4288

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    Sono, I have mirrors and a factory (gel insert!) accessory "low" all black seat for a Uly for sale, or trade..

    I'm just south of you in Oregon..

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    pm me if you're interested..

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    Many thanks to jcrosby4288 and thumpin1203! Both were great to deal with!

    Still looking for stuff!

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