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Thread: need help finding a cheap streetfighter headlight, plz help....

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    i haven't had time to look for street fighter type headlights, kinda looking for some like ez's, those are some bad#@% lights, does anybody know of any trustworthy websites that sell the lights for cheap, i just need a different light to give my buell a new look.

    *ps, i looked at the links page and there were just way too many off topic sites, i would really appreciate something specific. thanks :)

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    if its cheap id be leary, my buddy bought awesome looking lite,40.00 but when he got it looks was all it had. no lite output to speak of. my nephew bought a dual lite setup similar to xb for around a 120 and it is great!

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    I got an Acerbis Cyclops light setup for my r6 streetfighter... It does ok.... Not terribly bright at night if you plan on riding outside of the city tho... Just my $0.02...

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