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Thread: brake fuse blows, fuse box shorts?

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    brake/horn fuse keeps blowing, after troubleshooting, i found that putting the starter in the on position, engine off, i could move the the fuse box around and if done right it would make the brake light to go out (causing a short somewhere i suppose) and operating the brake lever while this happened caused the fuse to blow...
    so im guessing while riding the vibration would make this happen and then using the brake blows the fuse on the road.
    the question is, how do i find whats causing the short?

    from my troubleshooting just moving the fusebox around would do this, but examining the back of the fuse box does not reveal anything obvious, could there be a short inside the harness? maybe a melted wire? if so this could be anywhere in the harness, do i have to strip all the harness away to inspect all wires within?
    has anyone had to troubleshoot something similar?

    thanks for the help!

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    found the short, it was on the brake wire right after it comes out of the main harness, wire was stripped and touching the metal plate that the battery sits on. fixed that and the bike seems to not struggle as much to turn over when starting.

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    Ya sounds like you have a wire touching metal you have to find arc and fix it. I just did this with one of my old cars the tail light was arcing against the frame.

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