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Thread: Brake/horn fuse blows immediately

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    My brake/horn fuse blows immediately upon turning the key to the on position.
    I have unplugged the horn, front brake switch, rear brake switch, and rear tail light. I removed the left hand control box and entire associated harness. There was some rubbing on that but nothing through the insulation.

    Anybody have any tricks for chasing down a short? This is getting extremely frustrating

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    I share your frustration. I keep popping the same fuse when I hit either brake. Still haven't got it fixed. One other unit on that circuit is the muffler control. Try unplugging it, too. I've got an '05 XB12Scg; the connection is by the left side of the battery. Good luck. Let me know what you find.

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    Does this mean if I were to disconnect my horn my brake lights would not work?

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    if either of you have a multimeter, go download the electrical diagrams off buellmods.com and use that to identify the circuit and the related connectors. Try pulling the relay for that circuit and see if it is still grounding out.

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    I'm with mrlogix. You guys need to check your relays. Switch them around and see if anything changes. If nothing changes then use a multimeter to determine which system is shorting out. Start with a good visual inspection of the wiring at the taillight. You'll have to remove your seat and the rear plastics to get a good view of everything. If you can't find something obviously wrong then use a multimeter and the service manual to trouble shoot where you're shorting out.
    madisonm55- the answer to your question is no. You can disconnect your horn and your brake lights should still work. And vise versa. However if you pull the brake/horn fuse both systems will stop working

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