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Thread: pulstar he2rt spark plug

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    I installed a Pulstar iridium plug in my Blast a week ago and with the cost and the claims of the plug I expected it to be the best for my bike. Well I started to notice that when I got the bike up to about 70mph it would start to cut out and spudder. I had no idea what was making it do this so now I had to go back through all the mods I had done and figure it out. When I had bought the plug from advance auto parts I was told it was gapped for the Blast but the website for Pulstar says that none of their plugs are pre gapped. I replaced the plug again with a NGK and now it hauls with no problems. I am writing this to hopefully save this from happening to another one of my Blast brothers...

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    NEVER put a capacitor-style plug in the Blast.

    The best plug is a Denso Iridium Racing IXU01-27

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