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Thread: Oil light on after laid down

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    Laid the bike down. Picked it up and started it up. Rode down the street and the oil light turned off but then came back on. Heard a knocking sound and killed the engine. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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    16 views and no help. Anybody?

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    You could start with checking the oil level to make sure it's not low.

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    if bike was cold most likely you just needed it to sit up right for a few minutes. id check the oil level before starting it again to be safe

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    Let the bike sit for a while in its normal position, check fluid levels in primary and Oil tank, never trust an idiot light.
    read your FACTORY service manual on the oil system, there SHOULD be a point where service technicians can tap into the oil system and check oil pressure. there also should be a part in the manual that gives cold and hot oil pressure numbers. I havent read that section of the manual yet, but plan to soon.

    I dont like having a bike without a mechanical oil pressure gauge, i often add them on. (usually small liquid filled gauges, easily sourced for about $25-35) and find a place to mount them in plain view while riding,
    on old school Harleys and Honda CB750s, and some Triumphs people would often mount them down off the timing covers right to the pipe fitting that taps into the Oil system. That requires you to look over the side of the bike to read it which isnt helpful.... havent figured out yet how i will do this on a Buell.

    The issue is,,,,,,on a Buell or Harley, the main bearing for the rods is a roller, not plain shells, so FLOW is more important that pressure. So people tend to freak out when the pressure on a roller bottom end is much lower than what you would see on a plain shell bottom end. On my Nortons, Triumphs, and BSAs with plain shell, they can be as high as 100psi when cold, (a very good reason to have a gauge and properly warm it up before riding) and average about 20-40 psi when riding while warm depending on RPM, when hot,, the idle pressure can dip as low as 7psi at 600-800 rpm,
    So, my roller bearing motors (BSA Goldstars and 441, Matchless G80CS) all have different system and its all about FLOW RATES, not pressure, but i know what to look for and whats normal,
    So more specific to yours,,, Very little infor on "Laid the bike down" that could mean many things,,, hard?, soft tip in a parking lot? slid 125 feet in a shower of sparks and bounced off a guard rail? Oil lines? idiot light sensor? trans mission or primary issues? too little information to go on other than to offer very vague suggestions.
    In the interim, i would suggest you do some research, and inspect the machine very carefully. Also, this is VERY important. You must follow this exactly to the letter.
    Find a female between the ages of 18 and 27. she must weigh no more than 129 pounds, cover her with cocomut tanning oil. (naked of course) and while wearing heels she needs to do the samba while circling around the bike in a clockwise motion and chanting "oils well that ends well" followed by "oils quiet on the western front" and alternate these sayings over and over for exactly 10 minutes. You must again do this EXACTLY as i described. This will run off the Oil demons that plauged your bike.

    You must ALSO film this and post a link to the video on here. I can assure you this will do wonders for your situation. please let us know when you can post this up.

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    well said

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    I was able to get the oil pressure light to turn off by purging the oil system of air. The rattling from the lifters got much better but still have a bit of a slapping metallic sound. Since I know it's getting lubricated is it bad to ride it like this?

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    next time take off ur oil filter and put it back on

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    lol how did nobody laugh at that post!

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    Problem solved. The lifters simply had to build pressure back up and now the bike runs great. No problems. Been smoking M3s all week.

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