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Thread: not sure my fan is working

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    Hey im not sure my fan is working. After 45 min drive it dint start once,,, not Even when i park it..

    any way i Can test it?

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    Do you have ECMspy?

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    If no ECMspy...un-plug fan lead connector just above fan; make-up a two-wire lead and connect directly to battery terminals. Oh yeah, be sure to check for the positive lead at the connector; I believe it's the striped lead on my 07XB.

    FYI...I used a short piece of a mini vinyl tube I had laying around as a guide / protector on the end of the hot lead, it slide right down over the male prong in the connector.

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    Performing the test will tell you if the fan is good or bad. However what you describe is not nesassarily out of the ordinary. It depends on how hot the engine gets, and that hinges on a number of factors including the ambient air temperature. I know my fans work because they used to come on in particular when I shut it off after a ride on a hot summer day, but since I installed my right side air scoop they have not come on since (RSS is the #1 upgrade for XB's, IMHO).

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    I've had the same experience as vtech007.

    After my fan rattled all of last year, I decided to replace it this winter. I don't have ECMSpy (hoping to remedy lacking skills in that area soon) and had to make sure I bench tested it, and hooked it up pretty securely.

    At the same time, I added the Right SIde Air Scoop (XB12Ss). Well, the scoop kept me cool up until the only 80+ degree day we had here. Fan usually came on for a minute or two when I stopped the bike. When I didn't hear the fan come on all through Spring, I began to get a little worried, but it was pretty cool here in the NW. It wasn't until the first 80+ degree day that I decided to ride the hell out of it and see if I had a working fan. Sure enough, got home, came on for a minute (no rattles, awesome...)

    Right side air scoop is a ridiculously impactful mod. Granted it isn't that hot yet, I know last year the fan would come on often in the Spring and all Summer long - which is the reason I decided to replace the damn rattling thing.

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