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Thread: Keda Design Exhaust Question

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    after seeing them on the internet and hearing all positive reviews I am pretty close to saving up enough cash to finally buy a Keda RT3 exhaust for my 1125r. I currently have the EBR ecm with stock exhaust, I have no idea what the ecm is tuned for cause it came on the bike when I bought it. if I buy the rt3 and don't have my ecm tuned right away is there gonna be a problem, now I do realize the exhaust wont have its power fully utilized till after its tuned, but can I still ride it? I'm just so sick of this stock exhaust sounding like a tin can with coins in it rattling everywhere. also Dean Adams get ready cause I'm looking to buy in a week or two!

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    Ya your bike may run ****ty at first. But to a point the ECM will learn the pipe but like you said you won't get the full potential till you Tune it. Driving on it shouldn't hurt anything.

    And congrats when you get it. You'll love it. I know I do.

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    How come nobody is talking about Albert666s pipe i think it looks better..

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    You can always send the ecm to ebr to be reflashed i don't think its that much.more will chime in I'm sure

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    I'm about performance. And yes I also heard that you can send your ECM back to get reflashed. Probably just cost of shipping

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    If the ecm is less than 1 year old and you're the original buyer, the reflash was (used to be anyway) $35 shipped. If it's been more than a year or you're the 2nd owner, I think the flash would be $90, but don't hold me to that, email them to find out for sure. I'd try either tech or info to get an answer.
    I have not looked at the stock exhaust map (race tuned) so I can't give you a yea/nay on if it will run ok, but it would _have_ to be better than a stock ecm by far, so most likely, you'd be ok for a short while.

    Also, not to put a damper on your enthusiasm, I'm at least a month out on builds and headed toward stopping orders temporarily. I'll be in East Troy either Thursday or Friday, possibly both, then on to the AMA races for the weekend. I have a fair amount of work stacked up, but I haven't been on a vacation in 3 years and I'm due for a little bit of time off. I _will_ be on a bike and enjoying the hell out of it.

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