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Thread: I'm thinking of getting wet!

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    I want to clean up the rear of my CityX. You know the "Chop shop Mod" But I had the opportunity to ride a friends XB12 in the rain this weekend. A WET feeling came over me...A REAL SOAKING. I was wondering if a longer fender over the tire on the swing-arm would point the rain further out? I started looking at Buell's different models and there is a different rear fender on each model. Any of these fit my CityX? Has anyone bought an aftermarket fender that is longer? I really like the shape of the 1125 rear fender but the shock mount cut-out is in a different location.

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    what year is your xb9?

    '03 till '05 have different huggers than the '06 till present. they also have different rear swingarms and thus different mounting points.
    the 1125 will not fit your xb.

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    I'm Lucky! A 2008 XB9 City X! Best running XB9 since

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    Totally expecting a girl in a wet white t-shirt. Thanks for letting me down.

    I wanted to do the tail chop too but didn't because I ride year round and didn't want to get wet.

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