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Thread: Anyone every gotten away from the Police?

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    I love the power and speed of my Buell, but to use it puts anyone in a risky situation of getting a ticket. Has anyone ever dusted a cop?

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    I have:p But you are totally right, it is very risky and honestly, dumb. After that I took my issues to the track, where it's safe.

    Take your buell to the track, where EVERYONE is on a bike, and they all go in the same direction.

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    Yeah I agree, I may have tried that when I was younger, but now I play it safe, except when I take my Buell to track of course.

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    Well, that's the whole point of the track. But if you go to the track it makes you more aware of what's going on on the street, and I believe it makes you a better rider.

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    Yeah, I have been to a few track days and it definately helps with day to day riding. Teaches you better throttle and brake control, and how to avoid those sticky situations...

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    That's exactly right. It shows you "your" limits, as well as your buell's limits in a safer environment, and that can be translated to the street. Makes you a smarter, better, more cautious rider. Plus you can impress your squiddly friends!

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    If you know the road pretty good on a Buell motorcycle you'll have no problem out running the police.

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    The only thing is that, one, they have your plate number! They'll get you, eventually. Another thing is that you might be able to autrun them on your buell, but you are risking life and limb, over a ticket. I say pay the ticket, and live to ride another day.

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    I know how everyone here feels about the power and the cops but Paperclip is right. I am a Navy Police Officer (Master at Arms Third Class (MA3) to those of you familiar with Navy lingo). Out here our only track has been shut down and we are fighting to get it re-opened. I am the proud caretaker of a beautiful 2003 XB9S and a 1991 Suzuki GSF400 Bandit (Rare here apparently). But anyways back to my point, If you cant get to a track try to find a good riding group that is reputable. That is another good way to improve your skill sets. One of my buddies (James) just got the front of his bike (XB9R) clipped by a highway cop that wasn't paying attention. James put all of his skills to the test and passed with just a little road rash and only one night in the hospital and not an extended stay in a really small box.

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    Ha! Yeah, you may outrun the Police car, but you can't outrun the radio! Sooner or later, they'll box you in, or get close enough that you spaz out and lose it running 110 mph. Better to just eat the ticket up front than to get thrown in jail, or worse! Just my opinion, of course. ;)


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