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Thread: Free Spirits Race Exhaust For Sale === SOLD

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    Yep got a lower price than hoped for but they are now sold, I made a sale and the buyer will be pleased I'm sure.

    I'm sure I will stick around cause I still have my Buell and no matter how many times I ride with stock exhaust, I really like the sound! Strange, as this was the first thing to go when I bought the bike. Must be my age :)

    And yes I'm the real deal, genuine and honest!

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    i bought the pipes, I am confident they will look and perform as well as advertised, I have been researching how to tune this setup, and think i can make it work without too many problems as well as the Decel popping, Been printing off tech tips on how to address that.

    I am making some changes as I have a tuber Buell, and was going to keep and ride my 2007 XB9R,, but now im going to finish it, and sell it, I bought another form members bike, and rebuilding it, I just like that style better,
    A XB12SCG and im going to mount up this pipe on it,

    I also recently got a heck of a deal on a almost no miles and bone stock 2004 XB2x City-X? (think i got that model right) its got the blue transluscents. I have a micorn exhaust here and when the header pipes come back from Ceramic coating, im going to mount that on there,

    sell off my other 2 XBs, Will post pix at some point.

    This guys riding video is worth watching at the beginning of the thread. Backroads of Blighty. good fun.

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    Ill post some pix of the build this winter, But im going to be using this exhaust on a XB12SCG project that was wrecked. (Save the SCG!) But i did want to say the pipes arrived, and are AMAZING. Very pleased with the deal.
    there was some logistical issues with the deal since it was in old Blighty (UK, England) but they arrived safe and sound, well packed and the seller sent a printout with color coded assy instructions.

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    This is an old thread, but reviving it from the past. I was clobbered on my sportster by a drunk driver and had some health issues since. Have not been riding much or much shop time but finally (Hopefully) on the mend. My priorities have changed and downsizing some of my projects. While I have really looked forward to the build using this exhaust I have need for funds for another project. Willing to sell this exhaust.
    Will also post a new thread.
    thanks for looking!Oldthread45386641.jpg

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    Cost? Pictures? Don't hold out on us!

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    i just posted a ad in the for sale section for aftermarket parts, ill be posting more pix tonightBuellFSReversedownload.jpg

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