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Thread: XB12S Won't Start Fan Always On Blows Key Switch Relay and Fuse

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    I have a huge problem with not being able to start my 2006 12S. I had a dead battery that was giving my solenoid chatter. I replaced that with a Harley battery. Now the speed odometer doesnt sweep, nor does the digital work. The tail light comes on, horn works, blinkers only come on and stay on, no blinking. No head light. Fan is constantly on as long as the fan fuse is installed. Its stored inside a garage.

    When I turn the key to the park position all is normal. Turn the key on blows the key switch fuse and also the key switch relay. I have taken most connectors apart and found some small corrosion on a few pins, cleaned those. All with the same result. I only have 2 more new relays left so I am asking for help. Taken out the ignition switch and the contacts are clean. I have the air box off and the connections under it appear good. All the wiring appears to be intact and not rubbed.

    Any help would be appreciated before I take it to harley dealer for repairs.

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    For everyone that has or will view this post. I have answered my own question. After spending several hours tracking down my "short". I called the dealer service rep. He was as baffled as everyone else.

    I checked my battery with my multimeter. I was astonished. It has reversed polarity. When I checked with the meter, red to positive marked terminal and black to negative it red -12.47 volts. I immediately turned the battery upside down and hooked it up and the bike worked. I took the battery back to the harley dealer for an exchange and he said he'd never heard of such a thing. I placed the new one in and everything worked as advertised.

    Nothing is wrong except the battery. Hope this may help others.

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