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Thread: Turbo Buell XB12S - 7 months of work coming to the end

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    Ok, 7 months of work is coming to the end.

    Here is some pics, a little later i will write some descriptions.

    Here is some short mods list:
    3.563 Iron Lined Aluminum Cylinders

    Custom CP Pistons For turbo application
    bore size is 3.563, and the stroke is stock at
    3.8125. The displacement is 76 CI or 1245.49 CC's

    Lowered ring pack, thermalbarrier coating, 9.5:1CR

    1.850 Intake 5/164.444
    1.615 Exhaust 5/16 4.531

    5/16 +.001 Intake Valve Guide
    5/16 +.001 Exhaust Valve Guide
    5/16 Valve Guide Seal

    650 Lift Spring 1550 165/465

    600/650 Titanium Retainer

    Valve Spring Kit 650 Lift 5/16

    08' XB12 CrankShaft Assembly with Carrillo H-BeamRods, 1.5 CrankPin

    Accel 74620S Performance injectors 62lbs/Hr @ 43.5 PSI

    Fuel System:
    Walbro GSS 342 255LPH Fuel pump
    Turbosmart FPR800 Fuel Regulator

    Turbocharger Garrett GT 2522 Ball bearing
    Eboost2 boost controller

    TurboWerx Oil Scavenge Pump
    Ford Racing Water pump

    AEM Water/Methanol injection kit

    Gauges from Prosport and Autometer

    Carbon from

    And i want to say Thanks to Erickz, he give me some consultations at the start.
    And Thanks to guys from
    Guys from HammerPerformance, they make a good job.

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    Those gauges look great.

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    Looks neat, but can you turn right any at all?

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    just WOW


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    How much power are you thinking it will put down?

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    Looks good!

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    Wow! Lots of work I see! I bet you are excited to get it cranked up!

    A few of questions:

    Is the turbo CHRA positioned upside down so the oil supply is fed into the oil drain port of the turbo?

    Is that an EGT thermocouple right before the turbo?

    What is the part below the AEM water injection controller?

    Is there a turbo support bracket coming off of the oil cooler subframe?

    I've never heard of a Garrett GT2522 ball bearing turbo. Where did you find it?

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    Knew it had to be someone on the forum

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    I plain to get about 180-200HP at wheel

    Hi EricZ
    Yes, really a lot)
    I remember your words in pm - "LOTS of work and EXTREMELY expensive"

    "I bet you are excited to get it cranked up!" - ohhh yes, i start the engine 2 days ago and i was really happy.

    1. Yes, exactly, i will use scavenge oil pump to help the oil cool the turbocharger.

    2. What termocouple? blue one? It is Silicone, that is gearbox breathing hose.

    3. That is intake solenoid. I have japanese model. Offcorse i have no mufler control system, but anyway i am still not sure what that solenoid no need me.

    4. Here is detailed picture of turbo support:

    5. Oh, yes, I was wrong, it is GT2554R
    I chose between them, confused in the names.

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    Cool. A couple of comments and suggestions.

    The turbo is mounted to the exhaust which is mounted to the motor. Unless you have a flex coupling in the exhaust between the motor and the turbo, the turbo needs to move with the motor and not be mounted rigid to the subframe. The motor is rubber mounted so it is allowed to move relative to the frame and subframe and, as a result, the exhaust system will crack or break very quickly.

    The turbo CHRA always needs to be positioned so the oil inlet is at the top and the oil drain is at the bottom even if you have a scavenge pump. Otherwise oil will leak into the exhaust and intake of the turbo.

    It looks like you have water lines hooked up to the turbo too. Where is the radiator mounted to cool the water? You don't need to run water through the turbo, especially since the turbo is as exposed as it is. The electrical demands of an electric oil scavenge pump, water injection pump, and a turbo water cooling pump sounds like it may overload the charging system.

    The sensor I was asking about is shown mounted right before the turbine inlet on the turbo. It looks like a compression to 1/8NPT fitting that holds a thermocouple. If it is a thermocouple, it should be mounted much closer to the engine. The exhaust will lose a lot of heat between the cylinder heads and where you mounted the turbo and so any EGT you read near the turbo won't tell you anything useful.

    Just trying to help:)

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