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Thread: Turbo Buell XB12S - 7 months of work coming to the end

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    Thank you Eric!
    And you were absolutely right when you said that it is a lot of money, time and brains ... when I started, not completely aware that started. One and half year... many mistakes and triple budget..

    And about E85.
    With this fuel everything work perfect! Octane amount same as race fuel, engine runs with less heat (i am in thailand, so thats very important for me).... burn it twice as much! which means that the small tank is sufficient for an hour's drive ... this is a big minus ... .. although this is depend from ride style)))

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    I'm surprised you saw that much power through the Evolution Industries clutch. Which clutch springs do you have installed? The strongest springs Evo Ind could supply me with was only good for ~130 ft-lbs of torque, which you would have to see that kind of torque at a really high rpm (~7500rpm) to reach 180+hp. I'm not saying you didn't see the power you claim, but I'm not sure how it made it's way to the back tire. Sharing your dyno charts (include HP, torque, and RPM please) would be really great, especially if they are your first few! I have shared all my dyno charts since I first put the turbo on my bike in 2006. It would help me and everyone else learn what's possible!

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