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Thread: What are the part #'s for SKF Wheel Bearings?

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    My 2005 XB9SX is coming up on 11,000 miles and I want to do the wheel bearing while throwing a new set of tires on. What are the part #'s for SKF Wheel Bearings?

    Are these the correct numbers for front and rear?

    Or is it 6006-2RSJ ?

    What is the difference between the "1" version and the "J" version? Thanks

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    keith: if i may, just purchase All Balls bearing kits for front and rears. they are pre-packaged, super quality. i keep them in stock for all XB's and they're priced right. pm me if you want me to fire you out the sets. regards, john

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    Here is what they mean.

    2RSJ- older seals
    2RS1- newer seal replaced the 2RSJ ( I think somewhere around 2004-2005 but don't quote me)
    2RSH- newer seal designed for high pressure water exclusion (ie think pressure washer)
    A 2 in front means the seal is on both sides
    C3- clearance greater then normal
    E- reinforced ball set
    M-machined brass cage

    We want 6005 for the front and 6006 for the rear size wise. Seal wise I don't notice a difference with any of them. Don't pressure wash or spray water directly into the bearing seal and you will be fine with any of them. Last set I bought the 2RSJ just because they were only $8 a bearing and the warehouse was clearancing a bunch out. For peace of mind run the newer seal but I have not had any problems with grease leakage or water intrusion with the RSJ.

    The most current bearings for our bike are....
    Front- 6005-2RSH C3 EM
    Rear- 6006-2RS1 C3 EM (I can't find a 6006 in a 2RSH seal)

    Rent a Blind hole puller and Bearing and race driver set from Autozone and its an easy job.

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    I havent heard of the RSJ before. Even my "old" catalog from 1991 lists RS1 seals in it. But also has the standard RS seals still referenced, I guess the J just meant they had a steel cage. The 2005 catalog has the RSH seals in them. Sorry to make you feel old lawdog.

    I agree with the recommendations though. The increased water exclusion capabilities of the RSH make it a superior seal for this application. It is not offered above the 6005 size. See below for reference.

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    Thank you guys for the info. I have about 2,000 miles left on my current Michelin Power 2ct's so I will probably be doing the bearings and tires in a couple months (putting on the new Dunlop Q3's). I think I have narrowed it down to using SKF brand.

    I was thinking about going with All Balls for wheel bearings but I just don't like using Chinese made components. I have never had good luck with anything made in China. SKF's made in Japan, Europe, or the USA, I feel would use superior steel to Chinese made All Balls....just my opinion. Has anyone used the All Balls and had good luck with them?

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    I have them on my bike and better than h-d bearings .The quality is really good.

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    Its hard to beat the price of all balls. They were so cheap i tried them. 10k miles later they are still good. Im sure the skf are better but they seem to work well.

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    hmm reminds me i need to get my bearings checked next service...

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    Maybe I'll give the All Balls wheel bearings a try when I change the bearings and tires instead of going with the SKF's. People seem to like them quite a bit.

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    I haven't used them for wheel bearing but I used All Balls for my steering head bearings on my old FZ6 years ago. They worked great then and where still just fine when I sold it and got the Buell.

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