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Thread: 2003 XB9s worth $3000

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    Hello, everyone! I'm new to the forums here but have been browsing for some time now. I have a question for the community, I'm looking to get my first bike (ever!). I seen this 2003 xb9s 8000k miles original owner. I has a straight pipe added, and is missing the lower fairing because of it (owners words).

    question #1- is, do you think it's worth $3000. The owners says $3000 or OBO so I may be able to get them to come down some more.

    question #2- are the 2003 really unreliable? I've read people saying say away from the earlier models so I'm curious.

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    We've got a few members on this forum with high mileage reliable 03's. The biggest thing to check for from what I can tell is whether the belt system has been upgraded. Take the seat off and make sure no oil is dripping on the fan, shock or rear cylinder Also the lower fairing wouldn't be able to mount to an aftermarket exhaust without some form of brackets. So as long as he still has the front chin fairing its all good.

    if its in good shape I don't see why you wouldn't be able to get the bike for around 2500 or so. Check for the standard leaks and maintenance intervals and if the belt hasn't been upgraded use it as leverage. You may even walk out of there cheaper if you can play it right.

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    I know the owner said he lost the lower chin in a move, I really like the look of the bike with that on. I don't believe the belt upgrade has been done, is that an expensive upgrade?

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    That would best be answered by someone else that has had to do that mod. I personally have an 09 so I can't say that I know either way. As far as the chin fairing goes, guys are parting these bikes out here constantly so the chances of finding a chin fairing are high.

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    mine was great! sold it, went thru two more people until last guy wrecked it bad last year! broke the back of the case off but it still ran! 40,000 miles belt mod. hit him for 2500

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    I have almost 40,000 on my 03 9 . Runs great. No problems. Get it.

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    just shy of 64k on my '03 with the original belt still on it, 7+ yrs and still have a :D on my face, ride her daily

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    Thanks everyone for the input, I'll let you now if I pick it up. Trying to get ahold of the guy now

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    If you run into problems you have all of us to help you.

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    Sweet! This bike looks pretty mint!! Still has the warning stickers on it, hahahaha. I think this is a good find, I'm more relaxed because it's the original owner and only has 8,000mi

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