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Thread: 09 "short o2 sensor" cross reference.

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    I see the bosh o2 cross reference for the 07 and earlier xb models is 12014. The 12014 is far longer than the o2 sensor I have in my 09 xb12ss. Any suggestions on a proper non factory o2 sensor?


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    Nothing? No ideas? I googled the crap out of it and found nothing.

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    I know some in the cross reference thread are way shorter, but are never kept in stock. The clearances are the same though so it shouldn't really matter.

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    The older and longer O2 sensor would look pretty awkward in the front primary. Are OEM ones pretty expensive?

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    Not sure how much they cost from dlr. my closest dlr is over an hr away so if I can get one local I would like to. Also no front o2 on an 09.

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