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    Dragged my Uly out of the back of the garage last night , had a 30 mile thrash through the back roads to meet up with some friends and rode the last 15 miles to the Ace for dinner, then a rip around London for a coffee in Soho. Only two Buells there last night

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    great pic 88b. skies look nice and clear over london.

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    Went there a couple of years ago while visiting England and Scotland. It was GREAT. Started talking to some locals and they asked where I was from(Yank!). When I told them I lived 45 minutes from Daytona International Speedway they went nuts. They kept buying the beers and wanted to know more about my 12R too! It was a great day there. If in London I recommend stopping there.

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    It was a warm ( for us ) afternoon when I left home at 5:15, by the time I was riding home from central London along the river about 10:30 I was freezing . The Ace is a pretty multicultural place people from all over the world there, lots of Eastern Europeans and Russians on Harley night and a lot of them on their own bikes.
    I'm picking up a friend from Alabama Sunday we need to stop there and get him a shirt on the way to the house

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