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Thread: XB12R cafe conversion

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    That's right it's the Dakota gauge dur I missed it the first time I looked at the list

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    Great story, thread and killer skills ! Bike came out amazing. Thank you for sharing.

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    Hey thanks guys. I haven't checked in this section for a while. Thanks for the kind words. I made a little photo slideshow. My skills with this stuff suck. It cropped all the photos but after trying 3 times I gave up. Its just some of the pics along the way. Its such a fun bike. I'm just always so busy building something I don't ride it like I should. But when I take it out it makes me smile. Smiling like an idiot inside my helmet.

    Here is the YouTube link.

    Also because it cropped the photos so much here a few.

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    good odin.... that bike is amazing. words fail....

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    I've just stumbled across this thread and can only use one statement, "HOLY CHUFFING HELL!"
    I've downloaded pics and im drooling!

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    I'm in awe. You are a true craftsman.
    I used to think my XB was killer, now she will disappoint me every single time I look at her... because she is not this XB.
    Oh well...
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    He had the bike on the buffalo Craigslist.
    It could have been yours!

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    Just to close the chapter on Nick's wonderful creation.

    It finally made its way to Northern California. Turned out to be a bit of a hassle getting it registered here. It's such a unique build that I had to take it to Highway Patrol to prove that it wasn't some stolen chop shop project. Totally worth the headache though.

    The bike rides just a great as it looks. XB's are already short enough stock, but without the usual gauge cluster and flyscreen, it feels like my nose is hanging over the front wheel now. It rides like a little roaring, fire breathing bull dog. Looking forward to many more trips with this bike.
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    You better watch out where you ride that and who See's it in Cali, they'll make you give up some parts because it's too pretty and other people can't compete !

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    First time seeing this thread. Read it from the beginning to end. All the superlatives are spot on! Great work. True "motorcycle art" to steal a phrase. Thanks for taking the time to document it all here!

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