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Thread: eBay Pegasus heel guards

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    Unable to post link on my phone, sorry, I'm not good at interwebs. creese1 is the seller, bare metal for 35. Anyone bought these for their XB?

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    I have been thinking about these. Not sure about them yet. I think I remember a post about them before being cheap and weak.

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    I bought some and I really like them. I just them on the driver pegs cause I took passenger pegs off. Seemed like 4 of them on my bike was too much. Ill post some pics

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    Have some on mine, they seem pretty sturdy to me.

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    I had them on my 1125. I took them off after a week because the color was off and the fitment was kinda poor. They are no where as stiff as the factory heel guards. Mine just sit on a shelf now.

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    I made my own quite a few years back.
    Ignore the dirty bike.

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