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Thread: Buells History!

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    Well done Tenga for taking the time to do that, i love your enthusiasm mate! dont worry about your English its better than mine and i am English! :)

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    The 1125RR were only built for AMA teams competing in the American Superbike series. Id say they are pretty rare. My understanding other than the body work the engine was the same bore x stroke but featured different cams, timing, injection, etc and titanium exhaust.

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    Great Article but did notice:

    Already at that time the shock absorber was positioned under the engine as it is still on Buell.
    Unless this translates to mean the same thing, I think that should be the muffler?

    Again great article.

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    if I am not mistaken, they only made about 3 copies of the 1125RR. Anybody know any different?

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    Buell made 3 1125RR's. EBR made the same bike named the 1125R DSB. I'm not sure how many units EBR made of that bike.

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    also check this for reference!

    good looking page man!

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