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Thread: Help! Headlight mod

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    So, I really would like to do the dual headlight mod...but I cant seem to get it. I tried the one where you switch the yellow and orange wires in the headlight harness, and that didn't work. I made sure all connections were tight and tried playing with it and got nothing. I also tried the one where you jumper the yellow and blue wires in the switch housing...nothing. When I put it back to normal both bulbs work fine. Anyone..?

    Also passing light has never worked and there is no bulb in the parking light socket.

    Thanks in advance! - Cody

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    Check that you have power to the orange wire with the key turned on. The passing light switch energizes the high beam from the same power source as the low beam. If it does not work and your high beam bulb works, it is either a bad switch (you can pull it and check it) or bad wiring in the switch housing.

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    Just went out to wire has power.

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    remove flyscreen and unplug main headlight socket. The teal wire is the "hot" wire going to the switch, it's the power supply. The yellow wire goes to your low beam and the white wire goes to your high beam. By connecting the teal and yellow, the low beam is always getting power, even when the switch is on high. make sure these are the 2 wires you jump with tiny jumper wire. this will give both lights on during high beam if that is what you're looking for. easy to do.

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    Thanks I appreciate it...I will try it the next time Ive got some free time.

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    my pleasure cody. be absolutely certain to make the jump between the wires i described above DOWNSTREAM of the plug. in other words if you disconnect the plug it makes the task much easier but you want to make the jump in the wiring loom portion that feeds the headlights.....NOT the portion coming from the wiring harness.

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    Hmm.. went to look for the teal wire and couldn't seem to find it. I found 1 blue wire and 1 blue/white wire in the large black harness , as well as 2 blue wires for the blinkers. Maybe I am blind?

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    ....? Anyone?

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    Blue...according to my manual, no teal wire in the LH Controls or main harness

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    Thank you I will be picking up a manual soon!

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