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Thread: Superboot Replacement

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    So I just got a Blast from a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago. It has an aftermarket cone filter, D&D exhaust, and the carb has been rejetted. The intake coupler won't seal properly and I believe it is just old and needs to be replaced. It is a dan's superboot with the unique clamp, but I found that two regular hose clamps (screw/bolt fastening style) works better in my opinion. I ordered a super boot replacement and my question is this: can I double up on the sealing by applying form a gasket compound thats rated for gasoline and such on the inside of the coupler on both the carb side and the intake manifold side? I don't know if the inherit vibration of the blast will just break apart any cured form a gasket or if it'll actually help seal a little better. Anyone ever had any experience with this?

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    There's no need for anything besides the boot and the clamp.

    The reason two hose clamps is not better is because it allows the boot to flex and tear.

    Dan has his own proprietary rubber formulation now. You may have one of the original boots from around 2009. If you think the clamp isn't tight enough...tighten it. If there's a max torque with Dan's boot, I haven't found it; I crank mine down tight.

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