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Thread: WTT: My XB12R Front Fairing/Headlights For Your XB12S Front Fairing/Headlights

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    Like the title says, Im looking to trade my stock XB12R front fairing/headlights and all stock hardware for an XB12s front fairing/headlights with stock hardware. Mine will include the stock mirrors. I wont need yours. Mine is Blue with a black aftermarket windscreen. Id like the set up I trade for to have a blue or black flyscreen. But thats not a game breaker. We can keep our own guages they are interchangeable I believe. The swap will be more difficult for me and will need some custom brackets. I think yours will be a direct swap, but dot quote me on that. Lemme know what youve got.

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    Or if anyones got a lightning fairing setup for sale Ill buy it. I dont need the bars or top triple.

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