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Thread: LED Headlights For My 12R

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    Hi all.

    Am considering putting LED headlights on my 12R, with hopes that doing so will increase my visibility. Had a guy pull out in front of my while looking directly at me. Claims he "didn't see me."

    If any of you would offer your suggestions for possible sources, alternatives, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you.

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    I would install 5K HID headlamp in the low beam, brightest halogen / xenon you can buy for the high beam (65 watt) ,and a set of Clearwater or PIAA LED driving lights.

    White or one of the new high contrast helmets will get their attention, I have a white helmet and get comments on how easy it is to spot.

    Sources; Local shop if you have one, one of the Buell supporters on this site. I have dealt with Motorcycle Super Store for years, never a problem. Clearwater you can deal with directly. My HID bulb is from Kensun off Amazon.


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    Hi John.

    Thank you very much for your very thorough response to my question. Is there a xenon bulb for the high beam that is not HID? Is xenon brighter than halogen? I ordered the Kensun HID for the low beam from Amazon, but still need a high beam bulb.


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    You can do led kits. I modified mine to do H4 led's.

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    Check out DDMTuning, HID kits from china, and they work awesome.

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