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    Would this work for fixing the flash rate when I put on my LEDs?

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    I paid $11 for one at my local Pep Boys. Was the same base PN as the original but specified for LED use. Quick, easy and inexpensive...No brainer to me...

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    I don't know but I did the no money DIY and it's very easy and worked perfect.

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    I agree with 50dro. I bought the EP35 unit for my LED blinkers from autozone and it took me all of 5 minutes to switch it with the old one. For $11 vs. the DIY instructions, the time and hassle savings I got from just buying that unit was well worth the money.

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    EP35 or EP36 will work just make sure it's and LED flasher for 3-6 bulb. I put the 36 in mine and it works great with LED's at all 4 corners.

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