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Thread: xb9r w termignoni exhaust

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    I bought aan 05 xb9r' with termignoni exhaust,cf motorsports rear sets,ABM grips,k and n air filter and some. Sort of ecm she has 8300 miles on her,and the only.I paid 4200 for it, was that too much?
    I ordered ecm cable from amazon .com is there any way I can identify what ecm is in it through the cable ? Does anyone have the silencers for termignoni exhaust...thank you in advance....and love the site.

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    Do you think you paid too much? That's all that matters.

    I will have to defer to the others on the ECM challenge.

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    Price doesn't seem to put there..... Little more then I would of pages but it's not Crazy high

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    I think it's fair considering the extras. Maybe a couple hundred dollars high. I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

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    Well I really thought it wasn't a bad price. Financing included.....but there's lots to learn yet considering the last time I rode was 1992 a Yamaha xs 650......this is my first 'sports bike' bear with me....thank you all

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