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    Hey guys. This is my gf's Blast. Paperwork says its a 2002. I'd like to know if the handle bars are stock or not. Also it isn't running due to the stator going out so that is what I'm replacing now, hence why there is the drain pain with case oil in it. Also is it ok with the belt drive being rusted like in the picture? Anything else you guys think I should check for to get it running and tuned up? I'm new to Buell's and Harley's but not bikes in general. Thanks for all the input!

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    Handlebars are not stock and I would clean the rust off the rear drive so it doesn't mess up the belt check the primary adjustment bolt on bottom of bike if the spacer is still there and the bike is over a thousand mile on it then adjust your primary to spec and I would change oil in trans and motor if the primary wasnt done you can bet the bike wasnt taken care of very well its a cheap and easy service if they skipped that what else didnt they do good luck

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    Well I already took the primary cover off cause I'm replacing the stator and the oil that came out looked very new. The spacer was indeed still there on the primary adjuster bolt so I'll have to look into how to adjust it correctly. Thanks for all your help.

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