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Thread: ECMSpy: maps x AFV

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    My afv was reading 113 I saved my original maps. And multiplied the blocks in the 2500 to 3500 between 20 and 40 percent throttle opening by 1.13 now my afv value is 95.. accleration is better. So it makes me think that if your judicious in using it the afv is a good thing to look at

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    Sorry if I answer to this topic, but I think it's better than open a new one, and sorry for my poor english, I'm italian. I bought one year ago a map from xopti, then I set up Tunerpro RT using the info on his site and on this guide that if I remember well Xopti helped the guy to write it, I seen also a video made by xopti where he did an example of live datalog, unfortunatly this video is no longer visible. I burned the new map, reset the TPS, set AFV to 100%, but I didn't lock the min/max AFV to 100%. I did two datalog (1,5 hour each) and the bike run well.I experienced that when I replay the datalog, the Closed loop region was generally lean and also the region when you close the throttle for deceleration, while some fuel cell (I considered only fuel cells with a sample count over 100) on open loop were rich. But when I finished the ride the afv isn't changed, it's always set to 100%, therefore I thought that tunerpro lock the afv to 100% by default. My question is: why on the xopti site and in the guide above there isn't written to lock afv to 100? I try to search on the web and Xopti didn't mention anywhere to lock AFV, but he said that it's also possible to tune the open loop region with the stock NB sensor. I'm a bit confusing. I hope someone expert can help me.
    Thank you!

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