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Thread: crap, dead bike. Bad ECM? Again, asking for a little advice...

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    This has been a bit of a project for sure, 2003 XB9 that I swapped the motor in this past winter. Got it in and running pretty darn good until yesterday (friday). Now it will not even start.
    Quick backstory:
    Weds: *Rode home form work on Weds evening, running great, low gas light came on.
    Thurs: *start it up, running rough, missing a bit. DIes a couple times while warming up. Get to gas station fill up.
    Runs really rough on the way to work, need to keep the RPM's up and dies at lights. (kind of feels like
    it's running out of gas??).
    *On a break, I start it up and try to ride it. Running terrible, missing, diying, and LOUD back-fires!
    This is where I come clean on a couple of things.....
    I was running a non-stock exhaust (a cut down yoshi can that was re-packed, sounded great and ran great...)
    I purchased the ECM spy and a cable and have yet to get it to work. Hours of farting around getting the cpu to rad the bike being hooked up has been frustrating. Constant error messages (NAK in particular)

    *Put stock exhaust back on (it'll stay on as it actually fits a lot better, and I trust it more)
    *no help, bike still runs terrible and is getting worse.
    Try to run a code check (which I have done successfully in the past) and Nothing shows up, no codes, no blinky lights,nothing. In fact, I notice when I turn on the key, the fuel pump is now not even running.

    *Saturday. Back at my shop, where dead bike is and now it will not even start. Pulled two separate units
    the ECM and inspected, look good. No blown fuses.

    Now the bike just turns over and will not fire.

    ANy obvious, glaring things I may be missing? ANy way to test a ecm even if not hooked up to my computer?
    I'm happy to mail six packs to dudes who can help with stuff like this! (have done it in the past!)

    Thanks guys!

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    couple more (important) details!

    *when it was running, the engine light was going on and off, not in a sequence at all, but fading in and out rather erratically, as well as the light for the brights was going on and off in the same fashion.
    *Battery cables are tight and secure.

    *Now, when I turn the key to the on position only the neutral light comes on. Still no fuel pump, etc.


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    check the clutch safety switch,or the kickstand safety switch if your bike has them,and swap the relays around to make sure

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    Well. If u read some of my thread, I had the same problem before. Check your electrical wires. Especially the one at the neck.

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    Yup sounds like electical problem, maube even a ground. Check all major grounds. Inspect bike for and wires that look broken, frayed, or damaged.

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    Hey, thanks guys! Right after I wrote this post I was called out of town due to a family death/emergency. WHen the dust settles I will certainly inspect all my wiring.

    Did I read that on a 2003 the ignition and the fuel pump share the same fuse/circuit?

    Think I am going to spray some starting fluid down the throttle body to see if it fires up, I suspect as it was running badly, it was running out of gas. Possibly bad wiring to or from the fuel pump...

    Thanks again and I will stay posted as to what I find out...

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    well, small update. I found two black wires, heavier gauge than most of the standard harness wires, that were snipped clean off at the ends. (this is all by the headstock...) Found the wires were originally screwed to said headstock via an eyelet. The wires broke clean off the eyelet and must have been a ground for the fuel pump.
    New wire ends and screw them back on and the fuel pump works!

    Bike still will not fire tho...

    One step closer however...

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    Check and see what your regulator connections look like? The flat pins on the plug that connect to the other plug down beside the cam cover. See if they are burnt/black/melted?

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    QUick update...
    Got the bike running! Phew...

    jumped the sidestand wires, the clutch safety wires and the tip sensor and it fired right up.

    Thanks everyone for the great suggestions and help, it is very much appreciated.

    Hoping now to get some riding in finally!

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