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Thread: Engine Surging/Hunting 2-3 rpm - success update

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    I just thought I'd try and be helpful to the group and report a success update to my original post

    I got a significant improvement to the surging issue from the list of mods below:

    Standard exhaust valve zip-tied open
    Breather re-route (2:1 exiting front without catch-can/filter)
    All grounds cleaned and tightened
    Additional ground wire (coils to battery negative)
    ECM repositioned
    TPS reset
    Inlet leak checked (butane and WD40 methods) - seems ok
    Stock air filter changed to K&N
    Use of fuel system cleaner - Tunap 173 micro logic (recommended by my local bike mechanic)

    I think the final piece was finding a carb/fuel cleaner that actually works - then letting the bike learn from all the mods. And also letting the engine warm up for a few minutes before riding.

    The bike changed from being dangerous and annoying to ride - so much so that I would have got rid of it!!!
    Now the bike is a little lumpy at 1900rpm (no surprise eh?) and also at 2,900rpm as it switches between open and closed loop.

    Now I think this a fantastic bike which puts the biggest grin on my face every time I ride it :-)

    Many thanks to all the group for helping me solve it!!!

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    Good stuff!

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