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Thread: Blast Tipped Over, Now Won't Start

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    Check das boot, make sure roll over valve isn't stuck.

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    So did your friend finally solve the issue, or did he just get rid of the bike?

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    I'm Lee as well.

    I think you're incorrectly using the term "fired" and "turn over".

    When the starter button is pushed, the starter "turns over" the engine.
    When the spark plug ignites fuel while the engine is turning over, it "fired".
    After it turns over, fires and is running, the bike has "started".

    So...what does the engine do when the key is turned and the starter button pushed?

    The rollover safety is next to the seat latch. Just smack it a few times.

    It fell on the right side? Check all connectors and wires on that side of the engine to make sure they're still connected and not chopped in half.
    Also make sure the fuel is turned on and there's fuel in the tank.

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    What you need is to get a hold of a Nissan CONSULT scan tool. Then create a adapter cable as described on the NISSANCONSULTTOBUELLXBADAPTER webpage. The info is free and readily available online. Once you have the scanner connected, choose MAKE->BUELL | MODEL->BUELL XB | YEAR->ALL YEARS. It will then ask to perform a diagnostic scan, so choose YES. If it finds faults, choose "AUTOMATICALLY REPAIR ALL FAULTS" and hit "SAVE". Then hit this sequence on the controller A A B A B B D C AA B. The tool will then go into SUPERADMIN mode and ask "OK TO REMOVE POWER RESTRICTIONS FOR RACING PURPOSES?". This is a trick question. Select NO. Really. Then select "SAVE AND EXIT". It may ask about "a nice game of chess", you can just disconnect at this time.

    Then turn the ignition on and off 5 times while blipping the throttle after every sequence until the tach bounces. This is the ECM learning the new programming. Press SELECT on the instrument cluster, reset the B trip odometer and the display will flash 3 times. This is important. If the display does not flash 3 times, immediately remove the battery cables and let the bike "rest" for 20-30 minutes. If you do not do this, the bike will connect with BEULLNET and it will shut down the ECM making the bike inoperable forever. If this does happen, a simple TPS reset will resolve this. If it does not disable the ECM, you will need to buy a new ECM. Unfortunately, the new ECMs will be affected every time you connect them to the bike and it will ruin them.

    Then turn the ignition on, flip the kill switch to run, hit the starter and the bike will run better than ever. You will immediately notice all running issues are resolved and the bike makes much much more power, as it will enable RACE mode on the bike. This feature had to be disabled from the factory and not discussed as it would create unfair competition for the other bikes being sold at the time (GSXR-1300,CBR1100XX, etc) as it would easily outdo them in performance and reliability.

    If you need more detailed information, please see my posting here:

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