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    I've been working on a solo tail project using a chopped Lightning sub-frame and a Firebolt seat. The tail was never meant to go on the bike I've been using as a test mule. Instead it's meant to go on my next project, an XB Fighter.

    I received the frame tonight. To get ideas flowing I installed my solo tail project and some parts I had laying in the attic. I have an idea where I'm going with this project. But some of both the major and minor decisions aren't completely made yet. I'll be hoping for the forum input along the way. It'll be fun to see how the bike ends up.

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    I think it'll be cool if you go one step further and have a good artist airbrush the sh#t out of the whole bike and make it look like some "Deathrace" apocalypse mad max looking thing with fake rust and rivets and all that good sh#t!!

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    ^^^^ i agree with Buelly!

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    That fake mini gun thing has been played out by the busa crowd. So has the whole apocalypse thing.
    I think the tail is a little too stubby.
    But it's not my bike.It's yours.
    So whatever your vision is, keep going with it and make it YOURS.
    Make it something other than a catalogue custom.
    Anyone can bolt crap onto their bike.

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    Nicely done! I love the ingenuity and uniqueness of your build. Keep up the good work.

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    It would be amazing if you could mount the guns up where the airscoops are and then somehow make them into the airscoops! maybe if you could make them spin like gatling guns they could be made to draw enough air in? Ok i will change my medication now! Lol

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    Shame you ever got to finish it. I hope you have some new projects that you enjoy.
    Any leftover parts you want sell? Pm me if you do.

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