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Thread: Laser-cut custom heelguards

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    You can definitely add me to the list for a pair of black Pegasus guards. Those are the best looking (almost) on the market in my opinion. I can't wait.

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    It aint

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    Ok. Life happened, and bike parts didn't really seem to matter. Sorry, guys. I let you down.


    Here it finally is. Are you still interested? I'll stay on point until the 35 people on the list
    get theirs. In homage or in mourning the fact that EBR went belly up, I'll make the guards
    with the EBR logo. Seems appropriate to me. I'll order the parts to be lasercut on monday. The pieces
    will be all stainless, I'll sandblast them to get rid of the sharp edges and the press brake toolmarks.
    I'm afraid the powdercoating might not be an option, I'll look into that next week, but you can always rattlecan yours to your liking.

    Once again, my sincerest apologies.


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    They look awesome, I am still in. Been looking forward to this coming to live for a while. If we get the required amount of people how much are you going to be charging for a set?

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    If I may, allow me to offer a word of warning. There have been a lot of people coming through this forum who prototype and promise to sell a variety of products. Most of them drop off of the face of the earth, many of them have difficulties staying on schedule with production, a handful of them sell the product and then have MAJOR difficulties shipping, and very few produce a product that makes it into the customer's hands without trouble. There have been a lot of members who have put money down on a product that never materialized or took forever to get to their door, and that's not good.

    What I'm trying to say is that your heelguards look good, but you clearly have other more important things in your life that require your attention that have delayed their production over 1 year. Please reconsider producing and selling the heelguards, since I'm concerned that you might have difficulty finishing and/or shipping them to paying customers. A few members may be bummed that they won't have an opportunity to buy your product, but it's definitely better than screwing a bunch of people because you have other stuff going on that you need to handle.

    Just think on it.

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    ^Exactly. Anybody that sends this individual money on a product that he has gotten sidetracked and unmotivated to complete for over a year now is an idiot.

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    Standing by.
    Chief- Fire for effect. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat :D

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    theoctopus You're not wrong. And yeah, the whole thing went sour for a while, but hey. Never did I set any deadline on this. It's not like I'm trying to set some business model standards for others to follow here, am I?
    I haven't received money for this, and have not put up a paypal account for people to pay. So I heed your word(s) of warning, but deside to ignore them.

    ALSO: Sounds like someone else might have a similar product in the woodworks, eh? Or maybe it's just my imagination.

    But let's keep pushing on pushing on. The price range is still a bit of a mystery, somewhere between $55-$75 a pair and the same for the passenger set for the buellXB frame, plus whatever the shipping costs are going to be. The 1125 model is going to cost about 25% more, because of the more complex geometry of the piece requires a bit more tooling. But there's plus side to this: the first one of the four people who want a 1125 set to pm me get's theirs for 50% off, just so we can see whether or not I've got the geometry right. And If it's off, they'll get a redesigned piece for free.


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    ^Exactly. Anybody that sends this individual money on a product that he has gotten sidetracked and unmotivated to complete for over a year now is an idiot.

    2004xb12s Looks like we've got a genuine badass here. Maybe, after you've had a chance to hold your parents hand as they're fighting for their life puking up blood in intensive care, you'll also put your priorities in order. Although, I don't know you, so maybe you've had a similar experience but just kept plowing on with your own agenda regardless of your loved ones' predicament?

    Now, like I said, the parts will get ordered on monday. Everyone on the list can "pull out", if they choose to. I've received no money. Only one who loses is me. I haven't received (too much) flak on account of this so I'm willing to wager people still would like to get some heelguards for a fair price. The geometry for the xb parts is ok, so those are ready to ploot cut and press. The 1125 cr one is a bit trickier, as I know of no one who has one. But like I said in the previous post, I'll work around that with one of the few who wanted a pair.


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