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Thread: Laser-cut custom heelguards

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    Maybe you haven't been around on this site very long but there is a reason some of us are more cautious than others. I have seen many of these "group buys" go down in a ball of fire. Sorry for any family problems you are having but I have hardly seen any threads like this turn out well even when they are started under the best intentions

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    A year later. Still no final price or shipping costs.

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    I didn't mean to start a flame thread at all. Your product looks great, and I can definitely appreciate having other competing interests in life. I shut down my Buell tuning business because I wanted to dedicate my time to my medical education and to my daughter, and my customers were suffering from the shift in my attention. There's nothing wrong with any of that. I was just trying to suggest that maybe those other competing interests are more important than a run of heelguards that you may or may not be able to follow through on. Trust me, if you had taken money and still hadn't delivered a product a year since you started the thread, I would be a lot more aggressive and would have locked this thread long ago. I appreciate that you're trying to do this the right way, I'm just also suggesting that you rethink how important it is to you.

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    A year later. Still no final price or shipping costs.
    Yeah, major bummer. Got some popcorn to share?

    theoctopus Yeah, it's cool. Family first, eh? I can respect that.
    And to answer your question: This is not really that important to me.
    But it's on the to do-list. Among other things.


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    At this point in time it may be best to start a new list so mud can gauge the interest of people on here. Am sure some people have given up or written these off as never going to happen. I for one hope it does and look forward to seeing them on some users bikes. Best of luck mud, hope all is well for you and your family.

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    1. Eppt- full set,for the XB

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    In my opinion, it seems like you don't really want to do this given your last comment...Mud: "This is not really that important to me". I will not be putting an order in until I see something serious. Good Communication is a huge part of online sales and a really big deal to me personally! I agree with everything theoctopus stated earlier.

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    Looks like communications broke down..

    Not really important, as in having one's priorities reset in quite a attitude-altering way.
    I used to be all about work and personal projects like these, but that isn't the case anymore.
    So.. While this is not at the top of my list at the moment, nor is likely to ever be,
    I'd still very much like to make good on this thing.


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    Octo and Dorito!

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    Send me the CAD drawings, I can probably get them produced pretty easily. If not, I can go off the pics and make them.

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