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Thread: surging idle, high AFV

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    I am at a loss I have no idea what is going here.

    I started getting a surging idle when I would come to a stop. This started while I was sitting in traffic and it just started surging when I would come to a stop.

    I reset the TPS and then about a month later started doing it again.
    2006 XB12r bike only has 11k miles

    -checked the intake gaskets, they looked fine, but replaced them anyways.
    -Changed the sparkplugs and wires
    -added ground to coil pack.
    -Cleaned all ground connections
    -Reset TPS
    -Reset AFV to 100, and 50 miles later AFV was up to 128% (I live in TN for reference of elevation.)

    This is really driving me crazy because she runs great when she is not doing this.

    Any Buell tech out there to help?

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    What mods do you have and do you have stock, race, or custom maps?

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    open airbox
    EBR ECM(came with the bike.)

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    So I might have fixed it a little.
    -I pulled apart the box, found my TPS sensor to be loose.
    -Little rubber oring on the TPS was missing, made a gasket and replaced.
    -Checked the spark plugs and rear was kind of loose.
    -slipped it back on and zipped tied that ****er.
    -cleaned Grounds again on coil pack.

    After all of this I reset TPS, and took it out for 30 min ride at rpms between 3200 and 4k rpms.
    I then took it for a Ten minute ride at 115mph.

    ***I still have a little engine pinging, and rpms at idle jump in-between 980 and 1150rpms***

    Did I fix it? or should I ride it more to fix these issues?
    maybe check the primary chian for that pinging incase it is slapping on primary case?

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    A loose primary chain does make a good clatter if it's loose enough ... simple enough check ...

    Now, regarding that high AFV ... did this poor running happen soon after a modification? ... a high AFV means the maps are on the lean side ...

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    I modified the bike in FEB this year. Started acting up in may.

    When I bought the bike the open airbox was already installed.
    After I took it home I changed the air filter, and did breather reroute. The open airbox was already installed when I got it.

    after about 3 weeks started running a little rough.

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    Hmmm ... well ... man to be honest, as much as I try to factor in something else that could be the issue it just keeps pointing me back towards tuning ... but this is probably because that has been the source of about 99.9999% of the poor running problems that plagued my XB when I got it running again ... My opinion is slightly biased ...

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    So i hooked up to ECMspy but was able to datalog. It just rained really bad.

    This was the fuel value at ECM page
    Overview Tab
    Notice the EGO value

    Another shot of the over view tab.
    EGO value was jumping from high to low, from the single digits to upper 80s
    Here are the Fuel and Timing tables.


    These are from when I turned off the bike.

    After I shut the bike off, the TPS value was jumping from 5.1 to 4.2, also the volts were jumping too. it was flashin real quick back and forth back and forth. It this a ground issue, or should I just go ahead and replace the TPS sensor?

    If you all have any info, let me know
    Or if I should run anymore tests.

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    So I just typed out this looooooooooong response .... I ****ing hate our mil computers here that i'm posting on ... it erased the whole thing ... I'll redo it when I get home from work ... I touched on a lot of good **** too dammit ...

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    Lol ^^^^^^^ that **** is funny you really made me laugh Negative.

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