Alright guys,

Its time to make some space in the garage.

First up Full fairing for a firebolt Made out of fiberglass i think, Shape is not perfect but its ok, its covered in a checkered flag vinyl of flat and gloss black and has heat reflective shields and lower bracket. It comes with the quick release fasteners for the underbelly pan. I was supposed to paint it flat black and install it but chose to buy a brand new body kit for the bike i really dont know what its worth so make me an offer

Up next Used headlight, very good condition no scratch or marks on the glass, comes with two bulbs event though only one is ilustrated, came out of a bike we did a lightning conversion on again dont know how its worth 120 $ ?

Two brand new clear windshield for a firebolt, brand new only took out of the box to take pictures and verify they are ok 75 each ?

Firebolt tail fairing x 2 one is in decent condition: some small scratches and the other one is a little beat up: a race hump was molded and glued to it but the glue cracked, I wanted to fix it and use it ... but the girlfriend wants to ride now... so up for sale...

and the one that doesnt look good... btw it was covered in checkered vinyl like the fairing but i removed it in order to fix the hump... so the weird texture is glue residue from the vinyl

Front fender: decent condition a bit of wear under it where the tire seam to have rubbed a bit but you cant see it up top 50$ ?

firebolt front fairing

took it out of my own bike to replace it with a brand new one (white in color this time) a couple of scratches close to the top of the windshield

i also have a complete set of firebolt flashers and mirrors minus the mounting bracket

finally if you know people ive got two hd dyna 2005 wheels with decent front tire and ok back tire for 400$ negotiable