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Thread: X1 w/ awesome sales pitch

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    Just found this awesome Craigslist ad and wanted to share. Someone needs to buy this just based on the sales pitch.

    "Are you looking for a burly, man-bike that will make you grow a voluminous tuft of chest hair and then subsequently rip it off with mind-bending torque and acceleration?

    Congratulations. You did it.

    Awwwww yeaaahhhh. This is the motorcycle your mommy warned you about. This thing runs on pure cocaine and nightmare fuel. Never heard of Buell you say? Well let me learn you something young-blood. Buell was formed in the 80's by a talented Harley Davidson engineer by the name of Erik Buell. He took Harley engines and then slammed them into custom made race frames to make some of the loudest, meanest and gnarliest sport bikes on the planet. In fact, for a long time Buell was the only American sportbike manufacturer."

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    Haha that is rad! Could only have been better if he had worked Chuck Norris and/or bacon into the description.

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    Nice ad!

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    lol nice ad and nice bike! Looks very clean.

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    Hey you know what happens when Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks a.50cal round I send his way? He gets his fu¬Ęking foot blown off! Now on the other hand you know what happens when you shoot Chesty Puller? He sticks his finger in the wound to get the trajectory, and then sends a kill shot your way! Semper Fi

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