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Thread: 2007 buell stt East Tennessee

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    Trying to sale my buell. It's got about 6000 miles on it and is pretty much stock. Got a few seats and plastics for it. New tires front and back.
    Asking 6000. It's clean and never been down.
    8656217479 for pics or

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    5500. Price drop bump!

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    I need this gone!!

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    Which seats do you have

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    I have the stt seat and the ss seat.

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    So I'm about to trade this bad boy in on a wr250r and I've finally got the salesman to give me 3400 trade, so if someone is looking for a good deal on a bike that looks new I'm open to offers. I paid 5500 for the bike, replaced a couple of sensors, and put new tires on it. It's a good bike, but I miss the dirt so I've got to get something else.

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    Damn man, this is killing me.

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    Why's that?

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