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Thread: For people with multiple XB experiences

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    I currently have a 2007 XB12STT and I love the bike. It is my daily rider.
    But...I have been really wanting a XB9SX.

    So my questions are:

    What are the different parts that separate the XB12STT for an XB9SX (besides the engine) and how are they different? (Short, stiffer, higher etc.)

    For those who have ridden bikes similar to an XB9SX and an XB12STT- What is the handling different between the XB9SX and XB12STT? Is it worth having both of them?

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    I don't have experience with those 2 exact models but really, all Buells (XB's) are basically the same except for cosmetics. The differences in ride between the 2 will be minimal. The biggest difference in ride comes from a Firebolt vs a 'standard' (Lightning, TT, SX or similar), namely because of the more leaned-forward riding position of the Bolt.
    In my experience with 9 vs 12 (I've owned both):
    -The 9 is slightly less "Vibey" at speed.
    -The 9 revs faster and higher and, to me anyway, is a far more enjoyable engine to 'play' with.
    -The performance difference is there but not Earth shattering.

    All in all, I enjoy the 9 more than a 12. I currently have a 12R because an 04+ 9R is VERY hard to find around here and I don't want to deal with the belt issues of an 03 or fork over big $$$ to convert an 04+ style belt.

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    I doubt you'd notice any handling differences between the two. I am NOT positive, but I believe they share the exact same suspension componentry. The TT has no provisions for 2-up riding. They can be equipped to do so, however. Like Captain said...I have a 9SX and have ridden 12's.....I enjoy my little 9 a lot more for the same reasons he describes.

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    Thanks for the input. Maybe I will wait for a really good deal on a 9 instead of actively looking for one.

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    The 12STT is built around the longer chassis also found on the Uly & Ss. This means it'll have more fuel capacity, longer wheel base & less rake than the 9SX. This gives the TT a more planted & stable ride, but it's also slower turning, than the SX with a larger turning radius.

    I personally prefer the 12 to the 9 due to the noticeable extra juice it puts out across the rev range & the lower revs it spins at on the freeway. If you are mostly city-riding however, the 9 would be a better choice IMO because it's geared lower.

    Perhaps you need both!

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    STT has 5.5" travel SX has 5" & X has 6".

    You would feel smaller on 9SX per riding set up and notice less miles per tank as the fuel tank is .7 gal smaller

    I agree with 9 motors being more fun to play with, especially since they have more tuning potential. I'd look for a 09 SX. the colors are great red/black or blue/black. I own several including 12X & 9SX. Those are my 2 favorite road bikes. R is uncomfortable even set up with taller person pegs and controls.

    They pull similar above 4500rpm once you get the 9 tuned properly.
    Just a matter of your riding style.
    12 is more street friendly with torque from stock. 9 is far better in the revs. The shorter lightnings twitch more until you get suspension perfect.
    I'd just throw uly parts on your STT honestly

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    Perhaps you need both!
    I think you may be right.

    Is there such a thing as to many buells? 3?

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    I agree with 9 motors being more fun to play with, especially since they have more tuning potential. I'd look for a 09 SX. the colors are great red/black or blue/black.
    I love those bikes and it would be my ideal 9sx. But I can't find them for sale.

    I looked into doing a uly swap but the parts availability and expense kept me away.

    Thanks for the info terp.

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    I had 13 XB between s and r along 3 years... yes 13!

    For me the best bike is the XB9s with EBR race kit!!

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    32 in 18 months 33&4 this week.

    Xb9sx w micron & Ulysses parts.

    Stick them in a dyno booth *warning* no way to stop the **** eating grin that will occur

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