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Thread: Trade my 06 triumph speed triple for an 1125cr

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    So guys I'm having second thoughts about trading my 06 triumph speed triple for the 20,000 mile 1125cr, my bike only has 9.5k miles & I don't want a bike with double the miles. If anyone here lives near massachusetts I'm willing to trade for an 1125cr. My bike is in in great shape & has lots of goodies. I'm not sure how to add pictures so I can email or text them to you 617 866 7251 my name is Christopher. I can also travel to the upstate NY area, I have family near utica ny

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    I personally wouldn't hesitate on that trade as I'm sure you are aware of how close to bulletproof those rotax motors are. There are small things to look for but we've had guys with 35k plus miles on their 1125's. We've got a few XB's well over 50k on the board. Good luck on the trade here but I would jump all over that original one.

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    Well she just called me & said she's keeping her bike so that one is off the table now. I definitely know how awesome the rotax motors are, my Aprilia was a monster & I met 2 guys with the same bike & both had over 50k miles

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    08' 1125R 35K+ :D

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    The 1150's a great motor too. V-twins, as much as I love 'em, are hardly unique any more. I wouldn't be too sad to stick with your current lump for a while longer! :D

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    Oh I'm in no terrible rush by any means. Just figured I'd throw my triumph on here & see if I get any bites

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    You didnt get her flowers did you

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    No I forgot the flowers lol

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    Here's a link to a picture of my speed triple

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