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Thread: Oil leak from clutch cable. anyone else?

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    I've finally gotten to take my XB12S out for a decent length ride. After about a half hour of riding I noticed oil spitting out of the clutch cable up at the handlebars. So I drove it home and parked it and cleaned it up. I went out there a little later and there is a puddle of oil underneath it. i traced it to the cable adjustment point above the chin spoiler in the front of the bike. has anyone else had this issue? It has done this each of the times I have taken it out that long. The dealership I purchased it from (used) had overfilled the oil tank. They had told me they changed the oil but never said they changes the trans. Could they be related? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    The Engine and Primary (Trans) are separate compartments, so hopefully it's all because they just over-filled you're Primary. Behind the clutch cover the correct level, with the bike standing vertical not sidestand, should be as shown below:

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    they probably overfilled the primairy too then.
    check and level it as it should be.

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    hello i just had my xb9 into the dealership for the cable at the case and it ended up being the cable its self being frayed in side the case causing oil to travel out and up the cable. a $30 dollar part.

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    I just changed my oil. Dropped the primary oil. filled up filter and primary with total 1qt. when I check my clutch adjustment cover its filled with oil. Is 1qt too much?

    Buell xb9 05

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    Engine oil should be approx. 2.5 quarts and includes the 4 oz poured into the filter. Double-check the level when hot and at each fuel fill up.

    Primary/transmission lubricant will be approx. 1 quart. If you not sure if it's overfilled, check out Figure 1-21 and the instructions above. You'll be looking slightly down inside the inspection cover to see the bottom of the clutch diaphragm spring.

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    Double check for water too, it can cause an over full condition

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