Picked up this bike from a kid that layed it down. He cracked the primary, then drove it never noticeing the trail of oil. It drained the primary and trans, then melted the tensioner, and threw the primary chain. Buell wanted $3,800 to fix it, so I picked it up for a song. I hit eBay and put it back together for $200. Runs fine, but I can't get into 2nd. If its off, idling, or driving, I can't get there. I have adjusted the clutch to speck and around. Posibly the detent is bent, or in the trans. I have found it once, but I had to shif at the rev limiter. Not great for riding in the city... This is my first Buell, and it does have 30k on it. Any thoughts befor I tear into my first trans. I don't want to miss something simple and waist time and money. Thanks