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Thread: Buell Blast Trouble Shifting from Netural to 1st

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    2009 Buell Blast

    Last weekend I had a hard time when starting off on the bike. I wasn't able to shift from neutral to 1st. It would not grab. I rolled the bike backwards a few times and it kicked it into gear? I'm thinking that's what did it? I was able to shift to the other gears without an issue and eventually after riding a bit I was able to get it into 1st gear without an issue. My fluids are fine, etc the bike was not rode for a few months because of the hot weather but I did start it up and serviced it when I wasn't riding. I again got on it yesterday and it did the same thing. Just not sure if I should ride it.

    I hate to take it somewhere and get charged a fortune if its something simple I can do or maybe it is just happening because it was sitting and I just need to break it in again?

    Any suggestions?

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    It could be a couple of things - I know you said it had enough fluid - how do you know/how did you check? Just trying to make sure - I changed my primary/transmission to Amsoil, and it made a HUGE improvement in the shift feel.

    If it's something internally, it could be a couple different things - easiest is to check the clutch adjustment. After that, it could be the shift pawls out of adjustment. There may be a few other things, but I'll leave that to the experts.


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    Usually when this happens on an xb, I check primary tension. Usually that's one of the first signs of a lose primary in my experience.

    Here's a video on adjustment. Give it a shot and see if it helps.

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    Am having a hard time going 1st to 2nd and it dumps and stalls it put into gear when cold. I pulled the primary cover and there was a small cooper clip broken floating around in there. N e one know what this clip like thing could be???

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    I am having the same issue. This is a new bike to me and the previous owner did dump it in the left side. I'm wondering if the clutch lever was bent and isn't getting enough travel to totally engage the clutch. Does anyone know how much travel there should be at the inspection plate??

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