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Thread: difference in xb9 primary gears

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    Are there any differences in the primary gears on the 03 xb9 and 04 xb9? I plan to do a primary swap on my 07 xb12 and the old American sportbike kit lists it as 04-07. Just wondering if an 03 primary and rotor would work.

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    its listed as 04-07 because its a kit to add the xb9 gearing to a xb12. They did not make the 12 in 03.

    as far as i know the parts from an 03 would work. Only the secondary drive is different on the 03

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    Don't think it works. Tried to pick this one up and the guy said it wouldn't work for my application, although an 09.
    If it does work for you, this might be worth a quick message.


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