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Thread: Riding the Livewire tomorrow

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    $2.19 a gallon for 87 octane regular in America has changed everything....from prius sales to livewire potential.

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    Harleys big market is the 20-30 something yuppie crowd
    Hey....if they want to buy it, why not sell it? While some of this statement IS true, (due largely in part from shows like OCC and all the others), there are still MANY hardcore customers who have been with H/D since the beginning of time. (Figure of speech). I personally know many......Let's face THIS country, it's pretty much all we have, (Unless you count in Victory, and the Indian of the week). They sell to the market that works for them I 'spose. While I TRULY wish they'd expand their horizons some, THIS is not how to do yeah....corporate H/D does suck. They spend TONS of money for the AMA Flat-Track Series, (Thus the Street and the Revolution engine), yet have NOTHING on the showroom floor that represents that. The same with the NHRA bikes....TONS of money spent there, and nothing to represent. Oh well............'They' will never hear our gripes anyway. It's just nice to be able to 'vent' some of the frustrations over what COULD be.

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    All the marketing rhetoric coming from Harley follows a pretty strict narrative about the Livewire being "a pure expression of individuality", "the next major milestone in the history of The Motor Company", "a customer-led, grassroots approach to product innovation that truly springs from the rebel roots of our company".

    I'm skeptical & I'll bet that Livewire has as much to do with meeting increasingly-restrictive future legislation (such as CAFE), as any genuine interest HD may have in product innovation.

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    the thing that gets me though is ... IS IT REALLY "GREEN"?... that electric power has to be produced somewhere. If all vehicles went electric, all the "carbon emissions" just shift to the powerplant where its either coal burning or its a nuclear power plant and then they cry about that too. Only thing that would really work would be some kind of badass solar cell system and ultra light batteries.. the batteries are the key. If you can get the weight down a lot on those batteries the electric motorcycle might be worth it if it didn't take long to charge.

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