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Thread: A sign of things to come or random occurrence?

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    I went to start my bike the other day and when I turned the key to the on position and then flicked the start switch to on I noticed 2 things.

    My lights weren't on and I didn't hear my fuel pump start. And the icons on the dashboard were not illuminated for either.

    The dash did respond and my taillights were on and the blinkers did work. But when I went to crank her, of course she didn't turn...nothing.

    So, I tried a couple of times more, but still nothing. Moved her into some better light so I could inspect her and when I did I tried one last time and the lights came on and I could hear the fuel pump start when I turned the switch to on.

    She fired right up and has yet to repeat the issue. It has been a bit more wet and humid in Socal and I'm not sure if that had something to do with it.

    Just curious if anyone has had this happen and if this is an early warning sign?


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    I'd START by taking the leads off the battery, scuff them up good with some coarse sandpaper, (The leads AND the battery terminals), then reinstall and make them good and tight. Then pull your relays out, scuff them with some scotchbrite or finer paper, put a small amount of dielectric grease on the terminals and reinstall. It is probably just an intermittent connection issue and this will probably solve it. As the lights didn't come on with key switch, it probably isn't in the 'kill' switch. I have had my 'kill' switch act a little goofy as well as the starter button, but a little shot of WD-40 fixed that issue. If it STILL persists, remove and reinstall the major ground points just like I described for the battery.

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    It is probably just an intermittent connection issue*

    If the above doesn't do it the next thing I would be checking is your ignition switch.

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