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Thread: shifting into neutral

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    sometimes, and its getting worse, my bike will not shift into neutral. It will shift immediately after I kill the engine tho. also if I am in 1st gear (or second), clutch in, still rolling- it will shift into neutral. but if im stopped in 1st or 2nd, half the time it wont... until I get rolling or turn the bike off. I got my bike in the house for the winter & maintenance, so I wanna fix it now, anyone had this problem?

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    SV650 will do this if the oil level is too high. Also have clutch drag.

    Most bikes have a passive neutral selector or whatever it's called so you can easily shift from 1st to 2nd without getting neutral. Could it be large clunky riding boots are messing up the feel of shifter?

    I just pulled apart another XB today for 3rd gear issue. It would grind going to 3rd gear both directions.
    Found it was a worn shift drum. It's rarely a shift fork as they are pretty hefty compared to dirt bikes or import bikes.

    I'd check your oil level, clutches & shifter shaft first before assuming it's anything major internal

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    thanks UMDterp, I am a "nike bikie" when it comes to riding, no bike boots for me. I have even held the clutch in, got off the bike & tried to get into N with my right hand.... it wont budge!

    thanks for the oil tip, just drained mine for the season, will make positive that its perfect next spring.... idk..?

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    It only takes 1qt of HD trans+ If you weren't sure.

    I'm a tennis shoe rider as well. Except for track time

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